Overview of the Arthroscopy Association of North America by Anthony Schepsis

Consisting of a worldwide membership of more than 3,000 physicians, the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) was founded in 1981. The organization was founded for the purposes of promoting, supporting, and fostering the spread of knowledge in the field of Arthroscopy, which is the surgical process involving the assessment and treatment of joint damage with the use of an arthroscope.

In response to a need for further development in a medical practice that constitutes roughly a third of orthopedic surgeries, the AANA now serves as a primary conduit of continuing education resources for arthroscopic surgeons.

In addition to its annual conference, the AANA provides its members an exclusive network over which personal research is shared for the betterment of procedural approaches and patient outcomes. The organization supports the improvement of skills and knowledge through hands-on training courses for the refinement of motor skills, cognitive skills training, and the proliferation of scientific papers.

Dr. Anthony Schepsis completed his residency at Boston University Medical Center’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery and serves as a Master Instructor in advanced knee and shoulder procedures for the Arthroscopy Association of North America.


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