Overview of a Pectoralis Major Rupture By Dr. Anthony Schepsis

The pectoralis major is one of the main muscles in front of the chest cavity, and it is used in activities such bench presses and push-ups. With the rising popularity of heavy weightlifting, injuries such as ruptures to the pectoralis major are increasingly common. Approximately half of these ruptures are caused by weightlifting, while the rest are the result of similarly forceful activities, often associated with sports such as wrestling, football, and rugby.

When a person experienced a pectoralis major rupture, it is generally accompanied by pain in the chest and upper arm regions, an inability to push the arms forward, bruising, and dimpling above the armpit. Surgery is the primary form of treatment for this injury.

About the author:
Dr. Anthony Schepsis has spent nearly 30 years as an orthopedic surgeon. He is one of the world’s leading experts on ruptures of the pectoralis major.


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